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Development Skills


I have published a number of apps to the Google Play Store.

Google Apps

I built several mastodon clients for android, but I needed a way to allow users to select servers, so I built tootaloo.social. The site is run using Google's App Engine and is written in Java.

HTML5 / TypeScript / node.js

The following projects are written in TypeScript which is compiled to javascript and runs on a nodejs server on CentOS 7.

The Kindling Store is a site that scans amazon.com daily looking for free Kindle ebooks. It uses amazon's search APIs

Bouncy Tanks was an experiment to see if I could build an interactive, multiplayer game.

Anonymous chatis a lame chatroom client.

Just HTML5 / TypeScript

Dankosaur is a meme generator I built for fun because I saw a request on reddit.com.

Globsis a game that I spent entirely too much time developing an no time promoting. The link is to a demo version with limited levels. The levels themselves required programming multiple simulators to search through billions of random boards for those that could be solved.


I spent years building and supporting apps based on C# and Microsoft SQL Server.


I travel from time to time, and I am fairly prolific about documenting the days. I built the software that generates the blog.


I've tried my hand at creating some hunting documentaries. The only one to gain traction is my Elk Hunting video.